Lunch: Targa Florio Style

What could be better than a spirited drive in the mountains and a picnic lunch with friends? Ask “Quick” Vic Elford, seen here doing just that. Pausing to relax during his own spirited drive in the mountains, indeed.

Of course, the mountains in this case are those surrounding Palermo, Sicily. The lunch is served on the short tail of a Martini International Racing Porsche 908/3. And his fellow diners are the team and competitors of the 1971 Targa Florio. Perhaps this was to celebrate his fastest lap of that year’s race-rounding the 72km course in 33:45.6, an average over 127km/h.

This is how I’ll be taking my meals from now on.

2 responses to “Lunch: Targa Florio Style”

  1. Where do you guys get your fantastic pictures from?
    This has to be the most stylish pic nic in the world!

  2. David Bull Publishing has done a book on Quick Vic in which he tells his own remarkable story. He writes in a matter-of-fact way that make his accomplishments seem commonplace. It is only at the book’s conclusion, after having read how many laps records he has set, that you realize just how quick this Vic really was. Entitled, Vic Elford, it’s a great read.

    Also, Porsche are commemorating the 917’s amazing accomplishments and Vic Elford was a key part of the driving team. Recently, he was asked why he loved the car while others feared it. He replied “Well, I had the advantage of having rallied Porsches and was quite used to them skating around. The other were not.” Except that the 917’s were skating around at over 200 MPH. He may have been as close to “fearless” as you could get and survive.

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