Entry Level Vintage Racing

My friends have all told me that Vintage Formula Vee is the way to go for a first vintage racecar. They’re reasonably inexpensive. They’re relatively easy to maintain. They’re lightweight, so you don’t need a monster tow rig. Most importantly they’re the most affordable to run.

Up until now I believed them.

This is the REAL cheapest entrée into the world of vintage racing: the old school go-kart. I’m not talking about the shifter karts that have been the foundation of our last few Formula 1 World Champions. I’m talking about the heavy steel frame your grandfather welded together in the workshop, with a hot-rodded lawn mower engine (or twin chainsaw engines).

They still look like endless fun.

More at VintageKarts.com. Or check out this fantastic article or these plans in the Popular Mechanics Archive.

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  1. The Woodbridge Kart Club has been known to bring our their Vintage Karts to the Gold Cup Historic races at VIR. Check them out here: http://www.woodbridgekartclub.com

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