Peugeot Assault Force

I would be cheering my fool head off for the Peugeot effort at the 24 Heurs du Mans if they still wore these uniforms and masks. Bad. Ass.

This is Eddie Richenbacker and Fred McCarty at the 1914 Corona road race showing off Eddie’s new gizmo for allowing the driver and riding mechanic to communicate while driving. That’s just a speaking tube connecting the two masks.

There, there; it’s not so scary once you know what it’s for, right? No. It’s still menacing as Hell.

The team dropped out of the race after 37 laps, clearing the way for Eddie Pullen in his #4 Mercer to take home victory—and the $6,000 purse. More photos of the Corona Road Races at the Corona Public Library’s Flickr.

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