Masterful Swiss Porsche Garage

There’s a fine line between a really beautiful garage and a lovingly curated museum. Garage Journal member and classic 911 fanatic, Milou, is really flirting with the edge of that line, or he’s leapt right over it. If you spend any time at all browsing the endlessly luxurious garage galleries on the Garage Journal forums, you know that a humble 3-car detached garage is fairly run-of-the-mill. The garages that typically attract a lot of attention have square footage in the thousands, more than one lift, and more cabinet space than 10 kitchens. This garage though, is an absolute thing of beauty—and that’s before the ex-Siffert 2.2 liter rally 911 saddles up next to the ex-Wicky racing team 2.3 S/T and street 2.2 Targa.

As is so often the case, Milou’s collection goes beyond the cars and into Porsche collectibles. Vintage Porsche racing posters are a fantastic high-water mark in automotive graphic design and look good in any garage, but what about the Butzi Porsche designed sled? A retail display of Porsche touch-up paint pens? Heuer timekeeping devices? They all come together as a showpiece that would be an excellent place to kick up your feet and watch a race, or alphabetize your brochure collection. You can read Milou’s garage build thread at the Garage Journal. Fantastic!

3 responses to “Masterful Swiss Porsche Garage”

  1. Jon says:

    Very nicely done. There’s nothing like a sharp garage to make the cars in it look even better.

  2. Thomas says:


    Thank for the article! It’s been great to be able to build a garage that could combine cars and automobilia. It’s become my “man cave” where I lock myself up on weekends. It also made the winter months a lot easier: salty roads and classic 911 don’t mix well, so I can’t use the cars in the Winter, but at least I can still spend immerse myself in a classic Porsche world!

  3. Hello Thomas.
    your Garage is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the Porsche memorabilia! And the Cars look amazing. I think you should put a little chaise longe in there so you can sit around and read magzines, or just look at your cars. It must have been fun to put this collection of bits and pieces together! If you ever come across something you don´t want, please let me know.
    The Wintermonth are dreary, this is what I did about it:
    Salut to Marc
    All the best

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