Contemporary “Boardtracking” in Germany

Well, not quite.. But this is as close as we’re likely to get. The owner of this Bielefeld, Germany velodrome let some vintage boardtrack enthusiasts on his highly banked (albeit paved and not planks) cycling track for a few laps in vintage boardtrackers. Although the pace looks pretty leisurely, I’d imagine the grade of those banks looks a lot steeper when you’re on them than they look in this clip. The onboard footage, complete with flickery, grainy, goodness give us as good an approximation of boardtracking as we’re likely to get these days.

I just love that this velodrome owner let these guys on the track. Imagine walking up to a business owner and saying, ‘excuse me, we’d like to do something extraordinarily dangerous on your business property. Just for fun.’

My hat is off to you sir.

2 responses to “Contemporary “Boardtracking” in Germany”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    Since the infield sports a pair of American football goalposts, I think the owner of the track wasn’t as European-minded as once thought.

  2. nameless says:

    Thanks for this blog 🙂

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