More Unseen Racing Footage: March AFB 1954

In this installment of the John McClure archives, the November 7, 1954 running of the Orange Empire National Sportscar Races at March Air Force Base. It is a real treat seeing the racing action ahead of scores of aluminum planes in the background.

Unfortunately, the Briggs Cunningham team that swept the previous year’s race was a no-show. This race, however, was significant for Porschefiles as the first US race run by a 550 Spyder. Sadly, the car crashed and burned in practice with the driver escaping reasonably unscathed. Instead, Ferraris ruled the day, with 7 of the top 10 spots in the featured over-1500cc race. Also in the film is a parade lap of Historic cars (teens and 20s).

Cliff has race results over on Etceterini.

3 responses to “More Unseen Racing Footage: March AFB 1954”

  1. Steven Smith says:

    Wow! One of the best yet!

  2. Frank S says:

    Some real treats in the fields there. I believe the twin-engine Porsche – or twin-Porsche-engined Faegol Special makes an appearance, as well as Phil Hill’s Carrera Panamericana Ferrari.

    Seems to me the “March AFB” photos in the Cardin Collection album are from this event:

  3. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Great film–Frank Monise in his first win with the ex-Barlow Simca Spl Mg powered is the first car thru. the start of the main event shows cars thru turn one; Max Balchowsky easy to make out in the Buford Spl with which wife Ina won the Ladies’ event. eric Hauser in the Powell spl also seen. Morgensen’s Spl (later Ol Yellar) dices with Hively’s winning 2.9 Ferrari in the novice big bore race. Bill Spear’s 4.5 takes the main after Kiberley spins twice; Hill is second. I recall watching these three Ferraris accelerate onto the pit straight and could see the Spear & Kimberley cars were faster than Hill’s older 4.1 stroked to 4.5 at the factory. Mike Jacobsen

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