Go Faster Video

A few weeks ago we looked at the Sven Voelker book Go Faster: The Graphic Design of Racing Cars, now Gestalten Video has interviewed Voelker at the Porsche museum about the project. It’s a nice piece of video, combining historic footage, excerpted images from the book, and Voelker’s thoughts on the design, colors, typography, and randomness of some of the most iconic racing cars. Definitely worth a watch.

Sven makes a interesting point on what he considers the high point of racing car design. My natural gut instinct is to long for the national racing colors without corporate sponsorship. Sven argues that the initial years of the late 60s and early 70s, when sponsorship was just entering racing, but there were few sponsors per car, provided the greatest opportunity for graphic design greatness. When you consider the Gold Leaf Lotus, the Gulf Porsches and Fords, and the Jagermeister 911s, it’s hard to argue with him on the point.

While I would have liked the book itself to have more text, it’s still a fun project and definitely worth checking out, available here.

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