Will John Winter’s Porsche 356 be Returning to the Track this Year?

I’m no fan of crash porn, but I caught this 356 crash in the Hurry Downs complex at Road America during the SVRA Vintage GT Challenge last year. I was trying to capture the silver 356 of Ed Russ, which I have a bit of a soft spot for because an image of Ed’s car was the header image on this site for The Chicane’s first year. The crowd’s reaction caused me pan back in the field to John Winter just as he was losing his car into the wall, apparently a suspension or steering problem according to other spectators. Does anyone know if we’ll see this car on the track this year? It looks like a fair bit of damage, but seemed that the spin only managed to take out one corner of the car’s suspension and steering. Anyone know the status of this car?

Updated April 13, 2010: Mark comments below that John and his Porsche will be back on the track this summer! Great news! He’s also looking for more information from those that saw the crash about the wheel wobble described by other spectators on this video. (He also corrected my mistake misspelling Ed Russ’ name, thanks Mark).

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  1. mark says:

    John Winter and #58 will be back on the track at Road America this May.
    We heard people on the video talking about his front driver’s side wheel wobbling. We’d be really interested in hearing that information. Can you email us at ecurieracing@gmail.com? thanks mark
    p.s. Ed’s last name is Russ.
    thanks again.

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