Digging Right Now: Red on Blue

3 responses to “Digging Right Now: Red on Blue”

  1. John McClure says:

    Driving a GullWing is a real treat…no sound after you close those doors…and a smooooooooth ride. I had the experience when I met an old gentleman who invitied me to drive thru Balboa Park in San Diego..he had been the designer of the Hudson Hornets, etc…When he said “step on it”, I did…and we were hitting 100 in less than a block…..Wow, what a car!!!

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  3. nlpnt says:

    I can see modern cars pulling it off since most red interiors have black dashes and door tops (at least) as a buffer zone between red and blue. I could go for a new Focus in deep blue with the red/black interior (since the Gullwing’s not gonna happen for me…) but it would look awful with the candy blue.

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