Pit Maps of the Past – 1921 LeMans

We’ve long been fans of the hand-illustrated track maps of years gone by, and that of course extends to this Pit Map of the Tribunes from the 1921 24 Heurs du Mans. (Update: as a commenter pointed out below, there was no 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1921—nor would there be for another 2 years—this material is all from the ACF Grand Prix, which largely used the same facilities as the eventual 24 hour race – Thanks for the clarification, Dan)

It’s graphically beautiful. In a modern world of graphic design software and precision digital printing presses, I’m always impressed by the incredible graphic design expertise of those who did without them. this hand-set type is beautiful, and the lines precise enough to go up against anything the Creative Suite has to offer.

Found at The Nostalgia Forum, which also turned up these printed artifacts from the ’21 LeMans, a track map and program cover. Always great information over there.

3 responses to “Pit Maps of the Past – 1921 LeMans”

  1. Dan Patrick says:

    There was no 24-Hours of Le Mans in 1921. The first was in 1923. The program and pit map are of the A.C.F. Grand Prix in 1921, won by Jimmy Murphy in a Deusenberg. The Grand Prix was run on the Le Mans course, much of which was essentially the same two years later for the first 24-hour race.

  2. Harlo says:

    You’re right, Dan, I guess I just saw “Le Mans” and “Map” and forgot all about the actual timelines.. good catch. I’ll update the post.

  3. Stuart Watts says:

    Dear Sir. I have a full program from the 1921 grand prix as the above ‘program front cover’. Would you have any idea of it’s worth?
    Best regards,

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