Vintage Racing Ads: Rebodies for Specials

Another brilliant argument for the benefits of body-on-frame building. Are you bored with your Austin-7 or compact Ford? Why not just drop a new fiberglass body on that frame and have a sweet little racing special to take to the track or just cruise around town. See how easy it used to be to become the coolest kid on the block?

These were all from a single 1958 issue of MotorSport. The possibilities were endless, and cheap. Guess what you do if you’re bored with your compact Ford today… You deal with it. Or you glue a horrifically ugly wing on it. Yay! a big stupid wing!

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  1. michael A Jacobsen says:

    Yeah; the onlyBrit made shell I ever was aware of here in the 50s was a Mistral–the Plass MG SPL and the later incarnation of the Arciero 4.9 Ferrari. I wonder how many sold in the UK? MJ

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