Art Appreciation: Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

This remarkable machine was designed more than 40 years ago. But If one of these pulled up to you today on a lonely road and the driver frantically leapt out claiming to have just arrived from the future you would have no choice but to believe him.

An Autodelta 2-liter V8 behind the driver, a Colotti 6-speed gearbox at hand, these pornographic Franco Scaglione-designed curves all around you—how could it not be from the future?

Maybe it isn't so much from another time as it is from another planet, and can transform into an insect!

Can you believe that now, 40 years later, that we’re in the automotive design era we’re in? Ok, so we don’t have flying cars, but shouldn’t they at least, like this Alfa, look like they can fly?

More Stradale photos at AutoBlog.

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  1. rich

    Couldn’t agree more. And surely this is one of the most beautiful cars ever designed

  2. Debuk

    you missed the best viewing angle on this piece of art
    (more pictures – with gorgeous interior shot:

  3. Balocco

    Alfa Romeo is not merely of automobiles – It is truely something more than a conventionally built auto. There are many marques, among with Alfa Romeo stands apart. Alfa Romeo is a kind of affliction. An enthusiasm for a means of transport. It is a way of living; a very special way of preceiving the motor vehicle. What Alfa Romeo is – resists definition. Its elements are like those irrational character traits of the human spirit which cannot be explained in logical terms. They are sensations, passions, things that have much more to do with one’s heart than with the brain.

    100 years and still full of passione! Buon Fortuna.

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  6. Mike

    Oh, absofreakinlutley!

  7. Hervé Smagghe

    TRES belles photos !
    L’usine, c’était quoi ?

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