Vintage Racecars on Vintage Cameras

Filmmaker Dikayl Rimmasch shot some great footage of the 2006 Rolex Invitational at Lime Rock testing two historic film cameras, a Bell & Howell 70 KRM (the KRM was the military model, this example was from the Vietnam era) and a 1930’s Cine Kodak. The beauty of these cameras is that you can achieve a very vintage look (grain, light flicker, etc) without having to fake it in post-production. The result is a gorgeous piece of film who’s technique does a service to the subject matter. Great stuff.

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  1. Jon says:

    Very cool. The only thing that gives it away as contemporary is the helmets. If we could get these guys to wear some leather caps and aviator goggles, it’d be indistinguishable.

    Do you know if he ran old film in his old cameras, or new film in his old cameras? I wouldn’t think new film would give the same look, so I’m assuming old film. But I’m not versed in such things.

  2. Warwick says:

    You can shoot on new film and still get this look – a lot of it is due to the cameras. Slack tolerances in the film gate, uneven film feed, old lenses, etc. I’ve shot some footage on my old Bolex H16 with new film straight from Kodak and it looks vintage like this. I’ve been planning to bring it out for some vintage races too – this has added to the motivation!

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  4. Dikayl says:

    Lets pool our cameras together and make a little race film.

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  6. Stefan Vapaa says:

    Some corrections to the film…
    #441 is Jeff Jacobson, not Jim Monroe
    #153 is Scott Ebert, not Lendy Lillane
    I can’t tell if Scott Sharpe in the Bug is correct but I can confirm that the smiling man after it is indeed Hank Giffin.

  7. Stefan,
    My sincerest apologies to the drivers.
    The film was typeset for font reference only
    as it was a simple film test. I will get the right
    names next time.

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