Flying Bricks: Classic Sports and Racing Cars Sculpted in Lego

Ferrari Spider Vignale - Lego StyleHave you ever played too much Tetris?

When I was playing A LOT of Tetris as a kid, my mind went a little funny. Whatever I would see that day—a car, the space between buildings, the front of the classroom—in my mind I was subconsciously figuring out what Tetris pieces I needed to fill in the space. It’s an odd sensation.

I imagine that Paul “Lego911” has a similar affliction. Whenever he sees a shape, I’m betting his mind starts figuring out how to sculpt it in Lego bricks. The condition must be grave, because he’s got serious skills. You probably didn’t think you could craft the gentle arc of a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso’s bonnet, the distinctive mouth of an Aston Martin DB5, or the short tail of a Porsche 917K from humble Lego bricks, did you? Turns out, in the hands of a master, you can.

Ferrari 250 GTO - Lego StyleThankfully, Paul has learned that he’s not alone. He’s started a Flickr group called LUGNUTS as a support system of sorts and found others with the same condition artistic vision.

Check out Paul’s blog, his Flickr stream, and the LUGNUTS group pool and prepare to be amazed.

I bet he’s better at Tetris than me.

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