1963 ATS 2500 GT Recently at Auction

ATS 2500 GTRM AuctionsAutomobiles of London Auction last month turned up more than a few interesting cars across the block. This one, however, really grabbed my attention.

Automobili Turismo e Sport SpA (or ATA), was a short-lived Italian sportscar and racing organization that grew out of the “Palace Revolt” exodus of top designers and engineers from the Ferrari factory in 1961. Headed up by Ferrari GTO masterminds, Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini, the ATS brand was built with one goal at the front of their minds, beat Ferrari at their own game. History seems to indicate that they failed in that goal. Looking at this 3 liter GT car though, they put up one Hell of a fight. They gathered up other rebels for their venture, Phil Hill drove for the ATX GP team after a defection from Ferrari. Former Bertone designer Franco Scaglione, meanwhile, penned this lovely road car.

ATS 2500 GTThe road car was at the very cutting edge of technology, and perhaps ahead of its time. With fully independent suspension and discs all around, the ATS 2500 was much more a racing car in sheep’s clothing than a grand tourer for the road. With a mid-mounted V8, she was capable of 160 mph and these remarkable lines and silhouette would virtually guarantee that you’d arrive in style. This example sold WELL below the estimated £600,000-£1,000,000 price. Such are the dangers of a No Reserve auction that allowed one very lucky buyer to take her home for £308,000. Well bought!

Complete information and more photos of this car with a very storied history can be seen on the auction’s lot detail page.

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  1. gary bee says:

    I remember the ATS from reading an article in Road & Track when I was in the 8th grade. The vehicle looks as good now as it did then.
    I thought the ATS was a beautiful car, but about the same time I also read about the Ferrari 400 SuperAmerica they tested-big power.
    Today the ATS would be-PERFECT-. It has aged very well and the specifications are in line with 2010.

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