Cliff Rullman’s ’66 Maryland Endurance Photos

12 Hour Enduro at Marlboro SpeedwayMarlboro Speedway, southeast of Washington DC hosted a variety of SCCA events in the mid 60s. It may have never achieved the fame of Lime Rock or Road America or the Glen, but it looks like it was a fun venue, as these photos document. This is from a 12 hour endurance held in the Summer of ’66, but I’m not able to find much additional information on this specific race. Thankfully, these photos from Cliff Rullman highlight the race in wonderful Kodachrome. I love seeing VW Bugs mix it up with Cortinas and Alfas.

See the complete series of 50 photos here.

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  1. GT Racer says:

    This race was the 5th event of the first ever Trans-American Sedan Championship (Trans-Am) sanctioned by the SCCA. There were only 7 race in the 1966 Trans-Am calendar and the Marlboro 12-Hour venue was won by Bob Tullius on the #4 Dodge Dart seen on photograph #043 of the Cliff Rullman photographs displayed on this website.

    • Harlo says:

      Thanks for this great information, GT Racer. There’s precious little information online about the Marlboro Speedway at all. It’s a real hidden gem.

  2. dan radowicz says:

    Excellent pictures thanks for sharing them.

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