Ludvigsen on Birdcage

Car and Driver Maserati Cover“When you click home the ignition key on the sketchy dash of a Birdcage, a strong red light burns deep within the broad, thumb-sized starter button. To me that light became a symbol of the vast power lurking with this apparently ramshackle piece of machinery, like glowing coals in the crater of a slumbering volcano.”

So begins Karl Ludvigsen’s review of the motoring experience of the Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage for the April 1961 issue of Car and Driver. I wonder why mass market car magazines don’t review racing cars today. Maybe they do and they’ve just fallen so far off my radar that I haven’t noticed.

Veloce Today has the complete text of Ludvigsen’s review on their site: well worth a read.

Also note: the track test car is the very example we saw in last week’s Art Appreciation post.

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  1. Karl Ludvigsen

    Thanks for suggesting that folks take a look at this.

    This is the first-ever issue of Car and Driver. We wanted to do something a bit special and I think a drive in a current Maserati filled the bill.

    What a great drive that was!

    All the best to all!

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