Upcoming Pacific Northwest Event and Bonus Portland Historics Video

Bonneville_cars_webI was recently contacted by Doug in Portland about the upcoming Oregon Mega-Event, the 2009 All British Field Meet, which combines a concours, The Columbia River Classic vintage race, swap meet, and Land Rover Off-Road course. This year’s event takes place the weekend of September 5 and celebrates the life and work of Donald Healey. The event features some rare cars indeed. Including this 1954 Bonneville Streamliner.

Just look at this thing, it looks like a bad guy’s car from an episode of Speed Racer. It looks like Flash Gordon’s daily driver. It looks incredible. The streamliner first took to the Salt Flats in 1954, and after an extensive restoration by Marsh Classics, planned a return for 2009. Speed Week has just passed, and I haven’t seen any reports of the Streamliner returning to Bonneville, but I’d love to know more about it. The return was set to be chronicled on HealeysReturnToBonneville.com, but it looks like they haven’t yet updated with the news.

Doug was also kind enough to point us to a video of him piloting his Austin Healey 100-6MM through a large field of traffic at this year’s Portland Historics. It’s well worth a watch, this is some of the tightest on-board footage I’ve seen in quite some time.

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  1. Dan Crouch says:

    Great video footage Doug! Car sounds fantastic too!

    Thanks for sharing,


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