Formula 1: Nell’Inferno del Grand Prix

Nell'Inferno del Grand PrixI’ve been enamored with this movie poster since it popped up on l’Arte el l’Automobile a month ago, but haven’t been sure what to do with it. Certainly we can just appreciate it for what it is, but I wanted to know more. More about the bunch of Italian racing b-movies that never made it to the States. Which of course got me wondering how I was going to see these (probably terrible) films. How could I incorporate them into the ‘car movie night’ parties I’ve been known to throw from time to time?

Search after search yielded nothing, and I have to admit it was getting to me. This review on IMDB should have quelled my desires. “When I found this movie on DVD in a store, I thought that it might be a B-Movie with a bad story, but good driving-scenes. What a mistake!

1. The story of this botch is not worth mentioning, the performance of the actors is not worth mentioning and there are a couple of cut scenes that are repeated in quick succession that everybody should notice.

2. As a fan of old Grand Prix Racing I thought it would be nice to see some old Formula 1 action, but that hope was disappointed too: The racing-scenes with the actors are on such an unrealistic level that it hurts. It seems to me, that they looked at a couple of 4 year old boys playing with their toys and directly realized it for the movie.”

Is there something wrong with me that I still want to see it anyways?

Then, by pure happenstance, I came across the opening sequence of the film on YouTube today. The synchronicity was too good to pass up.

What precious little information I’ve been able to find is all nicely summarized on the Internet Movie Cars Database.

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