Brynfan Tyddyn Home Team Advantage

Senator Wood's EffyhState Senator T. Newell Wood was a politician for 30 years. But for us, his greatest contribution was the race he hosted in the mid 50s around his estate in Pennsylvania: Brynfan Tyddyn. We’ve written about this amazing lost track before, but here’s something we haven’t seen. Senator Wood’s personal racing car.

This little 500cc single seater was one of a handful made by the Hakanson Brothers in Sweden under the Effyh nameplate. Effyh made a bit of a name for themselves on both sides of the Atlantic. Effyh team driver Ake Jonsson piloted the factory example to three Formula 3 World Championships. In the States, John Fitch took an example to class victories at the Bridgehampton Road Race and at the Giant’s Despair hillclimb — which is probably where Senator Wood first laid eyes on one.

This example, like the Fitch and Jonsson machines, was originally powered by a JAP engine; this one legendarily found in Wood’s barn and restored. The example set by the dominant Cooper Formula 3’s Norton power compelled Woods to upgrade to Norton power and Cooper suspension for this Effyh. The new powerplant made this little F3 really move around up the track at Brynfan Tyddyn’s sister event, the Giant’s Despair hillclimb.

Newell's Effyh F3Today, the car is in lovely shape and available as part of l’Arte et l’Automobile auction. This Effyh post has more detailed information.

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