Racing with Headphones

Riverside Grand Prix LPThe upcoming online auction at l’Arte et l’Automobile offers some fantastic opportunities to do some armchair racing at 33rpm. The auto racing album is a bit of an anomaly, at once so antiquated and of-the-moment. These audio recordings put us right in the racing seat while at the same time putting in the head of a 12 year old racing fan appreciating these recordings again and again. They’re a simple reminder of the days before HD television put races live in our living rooms and we could only absorb the international sportscar scene by reading the race reports, attending a Grand Prix when it happened to be near enough, and staying up late into the night in a darkened bedroom flipping this record over again and again to imagine yourself behind the wheel.

Bidding starts on June 17, with the gavel falling on July 15. Looks like there’s plenty here worth a bid.

The Big Sounds of Sportscars LPThe Race LP

Monaco Grand Prix Sound Stories LP

The Marquis de Portago LP

Sounds of Speed LP

Mercedes-Benz LP

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