Pierre Scerri’s Homebrew Ferrari 312PB

I was reminded this morning of Pierre Scerri’s epic build of his own Ferrari 312PB. Unfortunately, he built it at 1:3 scale. Remarkably, it’s completely drivable (if you could find a driver small enough), and conforms to Ferrari’s original engine design and gearing. The build took 15 years to complete and is an amazing achievement. This was all completed in 1992 and since then he’s built another for a collector. He’s currently working on 330P4 and a 250GTO.

Barbie’s dream house never had a better stocked garage…

Here are a couple of progress shots from his current model builds, head over to his site for more details.
Model Ferrari 250GTO engine progress.Ferrari 330P4 model body forming

2 responses to “Pierre Scerri’s Homebrew Ferrari 312PB”

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  2. Model Nut. says:

    yes peter scerri is a master model designer and builder.
    Not too many people would take on such a project,and then make it work so well.
    Ive heard the model run,
    it does sound and act like the 3 liter Flat twelve in the real car’s
    raspy, and powerful.
    I cannot wait to see his copy’s of the GTO,and 330 P-4
    they will be as good or better than the 312PB,
    compliment’s to you Mr Scerri.
    you are an artisan of scale auto’s of the highest order.

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