The Fast and the Furious

Don’t worry, not the new one. Not even the 2001 flick.

XBB has the entire 1955 film, The Fast and the Furious, starring John Malone as an innocent fugitive on the run. Fortunately for him, and the woman he’s kidnapped, the road race he’s entered in his Jaguar XK will cross the border into Mexico. Written by Roger Corman, and featuring some hilariously bad “fake driving in front of a screen” technology, it’s worth a watch.

IMDB has more about the movie here.

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  1. Anselmo Bandini says:

    The entire film is also available for watching at . What’s interesting is that the race footages are shot in Pebble Beach 1954 SCCA races. The opening shots of this pebble beach footage UXlQUzAdBRs and ~49:00 of the film is clear proof. Cameras have even same shooting locations. In the race there was indeed number 55 Jaguar XK-120M driven by Sam Weiss as in the movie. Makes me wonder if that youtube footage of pebble beach and panamericana races were originally intended for Roger Corman’s movie as the plot describes that the race occurs on the mexican border.

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