Porsche 917s on the Street

Honey, will you run up to the gas station and pick me up some soda?

Sure thing, dear, let me just get my nomex on.

Unbelievably, here’s more footage of a 917 on the street—and in traffic, no less.

Surely it must be a kit, but that doesn’t make it any less badass.

6 responses to “Porsche 917s on the Street”

  1. Kevin says:

    Is this a real 917 or one of the Bailey-Edwards replicas? Or do we know?


  2. FLP says:

    Hello !

    I’m french, and I know who was in this car. Look at this :

    For sure, it’s a real 917 GULF ! !


  3. guss says:

    Bad answer Fred !!!
    i’m french too, and this video has not been taken in France but in Austria
    the 917 is a replica (LMK build in Australia)
    The owner (and driver) is Ottocar Jacobs.
    Ottocar owns a real 917/10 and 2 917K replica (one gulf and one martini racing)

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