Elkhart Lake ’57

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  1. Jon says:

    My guess is the camera man (or woman) knew the driver of the black/red Healey, as well as the red TR3, as they get a lot of screen time. Interestingly, I saw at least two Mercedes 300SL gullwings there, but they hardly got any screen time. I think if I saw a car going past that cost more than a typical house (even at that time, I believe), I’d film it!

    Cool stuff. Lots of good machines there.

  2. John McClure says:

    As the owner of the first Austin Healey in America…I bought it from Walt Warren of Motor Trend who had brought it to the US to feature a story on it. By the time I got it though, someone had installed a supercharger on the little “4” plug engine, so when I raced it, they moved me up a rank…against Corvettes, etc 🙁

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