The New Porsche Museum Is Open!

020909-1517-newporschem5And apparently it has been for a week—I must be slipping.

I’ve been to more than a few automotive museums and occasionally I am struck by the exhibit ornamentation. The settings in which the cars are placed in certain sections of the Petersen, for example, are incredibly well done and have served as inspiration for the garages of many gearheads, I’m sure. The new Porsche museum, however, eschews elaborate exhibits and displays 80 Porsches in 60,250 square feet of spare white space. The net result is that this museum feels more like a modern art museum than a car collection. Which I’m sure you’ll agree in this case is appropriate.

The vast array of 356s, 550s (mmmmm), 917s, 904s, 908s, and others are, of course, the main attraction, but the building also houses the Porsche Archives: A collection of more than 1,000 hours of film and 3,000 books. Just think of what I could put on the Chicane with just a few hundred hours of research time there. Now where did I put that grant application?

Sports Car Digest has some wonderful photos (including the photo above)
Flickr member tericee visited the museum and has a lovely collection of photos as well.

Porsche’s official information page is here.

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  1. tericee says:

    Thank you for the Flickr shoutout! I hope your readers enjoy my photos.

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